Our Past

Farmers Lumber Company of La Grange, Texas was organized on October 1, 1907 with $16,000 in capital stock being issued. The first board of directors consisted of F.J. Reynolds, Chr. Diers, H. Amberg, Ernst Knigge, Jr., C.J. von Rosenberg, H.J. Sladczyk, W.H. Thomas, August Warnken, and A.W.F. Mayer. The first president of the board of directors was F.J. Reynolds who served until December, 1908. The presidents that followed were: W.H. Thomas until December, 1914; A.W.F. Mayer until December, 1935; H.J. Sladczyk until December, 1943; Emil Flath until December, 1953; Roy H. Giese until June, 1960; Gerhard Ruether until December, 1960; C.M. Janda until March, 1969; Don Williams until April, 1985; Donald Dopslauf until May, 2002 and Lambert Baron until January, 2012. Herb Janssen is currently serving as board president.

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The current directors are: Herb Janssen, President; Harry Lehmann, Vice-President; Daniel Cernoch, Director; Gary Lincke, Director; and Doug Stribling, Director.


The first manager of Farmers Lumber Company was a Mr. Huddeston followed by Fritz von Rosenberg in November, 1908. Other managers of the company were: Herman Schroeder, November, 1909; Harry Oeding, July, 1935; Erwin W. Janssen, January 2, 1942 until March, 1982; Lambert Baron, March, 1982 until February, 1996. Clement Trlicek, Jr. from February, 1996 until June 2009; Harry Lehmann, July 2009 – December, 2013; Mike Stevenson, January, 2014 – March, 2014; Co-General Managers Donald Roensch – Store & Inside Sales and Jeff Stueber – Yard and Outside Sales, March, 2014 – January, 2017; and Donald Roensch, January, 2017 – Present. Our present campus includes the new 12,000 square foot main retail store as well as most of the past stores and offices used as storage. While the company continuously strives to meet the needs of its customers by adding new lines of goods and services, it has never forgotten the past that has gotten us this far. Our customers are the backbone of our success. We thank all past, present, and future customers for the opportunity to serve them.

Interesting Facts

The first two managers were paid $75.00 a month. In June, 1908, Farmers Lumber purchased two carloads of lumber paying $10 per 1,000 board feet for the first carload and $8 per 1,000 board feet for the second carload. The company has grown from 4 employees after World War II to 21 at the present time.
Farmers Lumber Company Today – Today, Farmers Lumber Company is headquartered in the spacious facility it moved into on June 25, 2001 at 515 East Travis Street in LaGrange, Texas just around the corner and on the same block as its past locations. Browse our products and services!

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