Construction Safety Clothing in La Grange, TX

If you work in construction, you know that job site safety is of utmost importance at all times. There are the basics that are typical covered, such as how to operate certain machinery safely, when it’s ok to walk through a certain area, and so on. What may not always be as obvious is now the clothes on your back can also help to keep you safe while working.

Here at Farmers Lumber Company, we keep our inventory stocked every day with construction safety equipment. In addition to safety, the ideal type of clothing worn by construction workers should be comfortable yet functional. Work pants, high-quality boots, hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, and high-visibility vests and t-shirts are all just a few the construction safety clothing items available for purchase through Farmers Lumber Company in La Grange, TX.

Whether you’re searching for high-quality yet affordable construction safety clothing for yourself or for your entire work crew, we have exactly what you need to stay protected on the job.

Armed with more than 100 years of experience, Farmers Lumber Company sells some of the most durable construction safety clothing in La Grange, TX to help you do your job with peace of mind. Stop into our store today to browse through our section of clothing and sizes.