Electrical Equipment and Supplies Store in La Grange, TX

Working with electrical components can be very tricky, which is why it is very important to ensure you’re using high-quality electrical equipment that is right for your needs. Of course, its always a good idea to also do your homework before purchasing any electrical equipment or supplies. For example, if you need to replace a circuit breaker, knowing the brand, type and size can help the staff at Farmers Lumber Company assist you much faster and give you peace of mind knowing you are purchasing exactly what you need.  

In addition to knowledgeable homeowners, Farmers Lumber Company is also a great resource for professional electricians in need of equipment and supplies for jobs throughout La Grange, TX. Our selection is vast, and our prices are affordable, ensuring you stick to your bottom line. From electrical conduit to outlet covers and electrical boxes, we have just what you need.

Whether you want to replace a single electrical outlet or rewire an entire home with new electrical wiring, Farmers Lumber Company is the electrical supply store that you can trust.

After being in business for over 100 years here in La Grange, TX, Farmers Lumber Company has earned a reputation for quality inventory and excellent customer service from a staff of knowledgeable employees.

Allow us to assist you with all your electrical equipment needs today by giving us a call at 979-968-3161 or stopping into the store to see us.