Construction Safety Shoes & Contractor Work Boots in La Grange, TX

In addition to simply wanted to wear construction safety shoes to keep yourself safe on the job site, the Occupational Safety & Heath Administration (OSHA) actually enforces federal regulations on protective footwear for construction workers.

OSHA standards differ depending on the work environment, but generally for construction zones in La Grange, TX, safety work boots should be worn to protect contractors from heavy fallen objects, possible punctures through the sole of the shoe due to broken glass or nails, and electrical shock if working on a site with electrical hazards. Electrically conductive shoes will reduce the risk of a spark causing a fire and will prevent the wearer from completing a circuit with the ground.

As an independent contractor or construction worker, you understand that accidents happen and anyone on the job could find themselves in a dangerous situation at any time. By purchasing safety work boots for yourself or working for a company that purchases construction safety shoes for their employees, you are complying with OSHA regulations and ensuring you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure job site safety.

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