Hand Tools & Hand Tool Sets for Sale in La Grange, TX

In order to complete home improvement projects around the house, it’s important for you to have the right tools in your shed. While there are instances where certain power tools are necessary, sometimes the most important tools for a project are the simplest ones of all: your everyday hand tools. Whether you’re measuring a space for a new piece of furniture or you’re in need of the essentials to hang a picture frame or shelving unit, Farmers Lumber Company has all the hand tools and hand tool sets you need at our La Grange, TX storefront.

Every homeowner needs the basics when it comes to hand tools and hand tool sets. There may not always be a need for a table saw in your home, but we can almost guarantee there will always be a need for a quality hammer, a tape measure and a screwdriver set. Of course, these hand tools only scratch the surface of what we deem necessary for any home, but you can find all this and more in the tool department of Farmers Lumber Company here in La Grange, TX.

Our local home improvement store has been serving the community for over a century, and we are more than happy to help our customers maneuver through a wide variety of hand tools and sets to help them complete even the most basic DIY home projects. Give us a call at 979-968-3161 today to see if we have a particular hand tool in stock or come down to our store and browse for yourself.