Home Hardware Supply Store in La Grange, TX

Sometimes we’re so quick to throw in the towel and replace things rather than taking a step back and seeing if they can be repaired or improved.  At Farmers Lumber Company in La Grange, TX, we know firsthand that the right type of hardware can go a long way in making something old look brand new.

Take for example a kitchen remodel. You may like the layout of the room, but the cabinets are not really your style. All that may be needed is a fresh coat of paint and a hardware swap. New hinges can improve the way the cabinets swing open and black knobs can be replaced with gold handles. Just like that, simple hardware can help make your old kitchen feel completely updated.

Farmers Lumber Company also carries hardware supplies for everyday fixes and honey-do tasks around the house. We offer door and window hardware, such as weatherstrips and door stoppers, as well as window locks and more. We also recommend that, even if you don’t have an upcoming project in mind, you keep your toolbox stocked with spare hardware and basic fasteners, such as screws, washers, nuts, and bolts of various sizes.

Based in La Grange, TX, Farmers Lumber Company can provide you with everything from basic hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers, to nails, screws, threaded rods, and all the hardware needed to finish a home improvement project. Contact us at 979-968-3161 today with your hardware questions or stop by our store to browse our hardware department.