Landscaping Supplies Store in La Grange, TX

Is the landscape design of your home a little lackluster right now? Bring it back to life with a little help from Farmers Lumber Company and the landscaping supplies we have to offer. Purchasing a home is a huge investment, which means you should take just as much pride in your home’s curb appeal as you do in its interior décor. After all, your landscaping is the first thing you’ll see when coming home from a long, hard day, and often the only thing that people will see when they pass by. Make sure your landscape is something you can feel prideful about!

At Farmers Lumber Company, our inventory is stocked with all the landscaping supplies you’ll need to breathe some life into your property! From fertilizer and sprinkler systems to ensure your lawn stays green and lush, to trimmers, plant beds, mulch and more, there’s no place else to shop for your landscaping needs in La Grange, TX.

Our landscaping supplies store is also a great outlet for landscaping and lawn professionals. From heavy duty landscaping equipment to the small essentials, everything you need to get the job done quickly and on budget is right here at Farmers Lumber Company.

Looking for a landscaping supplies store in La Grange, TX? With more than 100 years of business behind us, our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you choose the right supplies and equipment for your project. Call us at 979-968-3161 today or visit us at our storefront in La Grange, TX.